Our History

Here at InfoTrack we live and breathe our core values every day and we know that we are not great until our clients say we are, which means you and your needs will always come first – guaranteed.

InfoTrack is an incredible growth story. We originally started out in Australia as the LEAP Searching division of LEAP Legal in 2000, only to later venture off on our own on October 1st, 2011 to commence selling our products and services as a standalone business separate to LEAP.

InfoTrack saw from 2011 to present day solid year on year growth and is now the number one searching provider in Australia with over 6000 customers using the award-winning technology.

In July 2015 InfoTrack opened their first overseas office in Waterloo, London which is growing rapidly with 350 happy customers to date.

More recently on May 1st, 2016 InfoTrack opened the doors to their first USA office in New York City.