Corporate Services

InfoTrack's Corporate Offerings

At InfoTrack, one of the reasons we refer to ourselves as a “legal eco system” rather than a research platform or search aggregator is we provide a wide variety of services. Among the various products available to you with InfoTrack are our corporate services. Now, in addition to performing your legal research tasks through InfoTrack, you can also complete much of your corporate work.

Our corporate services include the following features:

Business Formation: We have partnered with Blumberg and allow you to incorporate your company directly through our platform.

Secretary of State SearchesPerform digital searches with the Secretary of State’s office to identify UCC and any suits, liens or judgments. These searches can be performed for all 50 states.

Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Search: Perform sophisticated corporate credit searches.

KYCIT: Procure information from companies outside of the United States through our “Know Your Company” software.

REVEAL: View corporate linkages and subsidiaries through our data visualization tool.

 Signing up and installing InfoTrack provides access to all of these services. Not only that, but InfoTrack is subscription-free and does not require an upfront payment to install. The only time payment is required with InfoTrack occurs when you physically order a document through one of those searches.

If any of our corporate services are of interest to you, click here and sign-up for a free demo of our capabilities.