Company Search

As an approved Dun & Bradstreet broker, InfoTrack provide a range of corporate searches. Conducting a Company, Legal or Compliance search on a company name or using a DUNS number will instantly return detailed real-time information to assist you with analyzing creditworthiness, a company's reliability and its value.

if you're interested in performing subscription-free Dun & Bradstreet searches with InfoTrack, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or sign-up for a free demo online. 


Available Company Reports:

  • Business Background Report
  • Business Information Report
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Company News Report
  • Corporate Linkage Report
  • Enhanced Corporate Linkage Report


Available Legal Reports:

  • Filings by Name
  • UCC Filing Records
  • Suits/Liens/Judgements/Bankruptcies


Available Compliance Reports

  • Ownership Verification Report
  • USA Patriot Act Report

When ordering the D&B Corporate Linkage Report you will have the ability to use InfoTrack's free visualization tool REVEAL to easily identify and on-search related companies.


Integrated Corporate Searching and Company Reports

One of the premiere benefits of performing your corporate searches through InfoTrack is our integrated searching. We integrate into most Case Management Systems (CMS), meaning you can perform the searches and acquire the reports you need directly through a tab in your CMS. Here’s what this means for your firm:

  • All UCC, D&B searches, and company reports you need to perform will populate directly into InfoTrack from within the matter you’re working in
  • All forms will save directly back into the matter you’ve worked in
  • InfoTrack tracks all costs and returns them directly to the requisite matter, facilitating an easy reconciliation process