Register a Company

InfoTrack's Company Formation offers you a streamlined, fast and efficient way to register your company online. Our incorporation services also allow you to register your company with the Secretary of State's office in all 50 states, allowing you to perform all your formations from one website. Furthermore, we now act as a registered agent for Blumberg Excelsior. Consequently, when you use our incorporation services, you may also purchase Blumberg's Black Beauty Corporate Kit, which we will have sent to the address of your choosing. 

 Want to learn more about InfoTrack's incorporation services? If so, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or book a demo with us online. 

Why register companies through InfoTrack?

  • Easily complete the online form within minutes and with greater accuracy thanks to InfoTrack's smart technology.
  • There are no subscription fees, you simply pay per company filing.
  • Register with the appropriate Secretary of State with all 50 US states covered.
  • Execute and register within one system.
  • The service is integrated into your regular InfoTrack workflow so all documents will be returned to the matter in real time.
  • InfoTrack tracks all expenses incurred, allowing for easy reconciliation.

Integrated Services for Business Formations

One of the premiere benefits of performing your business formations through InfoTrack is our integrated searching. We integrate into most Case Management Systems (CMS), meaning you can perform all aspects of an LLC or Incorporation formation directly through a tab in your CMS. Here’s what this means for your firm:

  • All forms required for your LLC or Incorporation will populate directly into InfoTrack from your within your CMS, eliminating tedious data entry
  • All forms will save directly back into the matter you’ve worked in
  • All expenses are tracked by InfoTrack and returned into each matter, allowing for easy reconciliation of costs

Interested in using our Corporate Services? Book a demo today so we can show you how InfoTrack can help improve your processes.