CSC Corporate Search

UCC Searching and Filing With InfoTrack

One of the premiere search functions provided by InfoTrack is its ability to greatly simplify the process for corporate searches, such as Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), UCC Summary Reports, UCC Secured Party Searches, Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Annual Reports and more. Thanks to our partnership with CSC Corporate Services, performing Secretary of State searches has never been easier.    

 Do you and your partners frequently perform searches with the Secretary of State’s office? If so, InfoTrack’s subscription-free service can easily fill your firm’s searching needs. To learn more about our UCC searching capabilities, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or click here to sign-up for a free demo.


Fast, Convenient and Simple Searching

Not only does InfoTrack allow you to perform all requisite searches with the Secretary of State’s office, it makes them faster and more efficient than your current searching. Some of the features that come with our UCC search offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Fast turnaround. For states that are available online, you can obtain immediate search results.
  • Perform Secretary of State searches in all 50 states.
  • Search multiple states simultaneously.
  • Online notification the moment your results are ready.
  • An expedited option for obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Existence or a Corporate Annual Report.
  • One consolidated bill meaning no need to open an account in each jurisdiction.
  • All expenses occurred are tracked and returned, simplifying the reconciliation process.


File Your UCC-1 Financing Statement Directly Through InfoTrack

 InfoTrack now offers you the ability to file your UCC-1 financing statement digitally. Now when you sign into your InfoTrack account, the option of "UCC-filing" will appear under the Secretary of State tab. The form is simple, intuitive and will be filed with the Secretary of State's office by InfoTrack as soon as you click submit. Similarly to our UCC searching capabilities, we offer you the ability to file this form in all 50 states. 

If your CMS integrates with InfoTrack, the process for filing your UCC-1 is even simpler. Just select the applicable matter(s) and the form will populate on its own. Click here to see a list of our integrated CMS partners. 


Integrated UCC Searching and UCC-1 Filing Services

One of the premiere benefits of performing your UCC searches and filings through InfoTrack is our integrated searching. We integrate into most Case Management Systems (CMS), meaning you can perform the searches and file the requisite documents directly through a tab in your CMS. Here’s what this means for your firm:

  • All forms required for your UCC searches and filing will populate directly into InfoTrack from your within your CMS, eliminating the re-keying of data
  • All forms will save directly back into the matter you’ve worked in
  • All costs are returned directly within the matter, allowing you to easily return costs to your clients


InfoTrack Has a Constantly Updating Repository

In addition to providing a platform where you can perform all your UCC searches, InfoTrack offers numerous other legal research services. Our offerings range from Dun & Bradstreet corporate searches to court searching and tracking. Beyond that, InfoTrack offers a constantly updating repository of offerings. Our goal is to make your law firm a faster, more efficient and paperless space. As a result, we will continue adding features that make yours and your partners’ lives easier.

 Tired of jumping through hoops to get your UCC searching done? Book an obligation free demo so we can show you how InfoTrack can help improve your business processes.