Innovative & Efficient Maryland eFiling

Looking for an eFiling service provider with innovative and efficient processes? With InfoTrack, our features and integration with leading legal software providers makes eFiling simple. 

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InfoTrack Offers An Advanced Suite of Features for Maryland eFilers

  • Seamless eFiling Workflow
  • Auto PDF Conversion
  • PDF Compression
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Simple Billing Reconciliation
  • Nationwide Process Service
  • Free Support and Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Integration with industry leading systems 



Discover the Power of Integration

eFiling with the power of integration allows you to eFile in seconds, automatically save file stamped documents, and track all court fees. Not only do you save time, but you minimize risks of mistakes in eFiling, such as filing the wrong document or into the wrong case.

  • Auto-population of text fields. Text fields, such as party information, will be automatically populated with information from the matter you’re working in, eliminating redundant data entry.
  • File Stamped Documents are automatically saved back into your matter or folder when using InfoTrack with our Integrated Partners.
  • Document Storage. InfoTrack will save and send a copy of any filing directly to the requisite matter within your practice management system.
  • Cost Tracking. InfoTrack stores all costs accrued from your court filings in the requisite matter; allowing for simple reconciliation.

If you use a practice management or document management systems, such as those listed above, contact us to find out how you can eFile efficiently and safely. If you don't see your practice management or document management system, give us a call as we continually add new integration partners.


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