KYC: Know Your Customer

InfoTrack challenge your current way of working and evolve the methods to provide superior services to businesses procuring information through technology.

Whether you’re an attorney, an accountant, a bank or a government agency, it’s imperative that information is reliable – correct and timely. That's why we offer KYCIT from InfoTrack. KYCIT is a online search resource procuring information quickly and easily from around the world. 

So whether you need company, credit, AML or other information, KYCIT from InfoTrack can help.

Cover Your Compliance and Due Diligence

KYCIT from InfoTrack provides a range of services, from automated document download solutions to more complex, tailored manual services that include bespoke sourcing of information, nationally and internationally. Our integrations with trusted partners give you immediate access to data from jurisdictions around the world whilst ensuring you can rely on the information you source being of the highest quality. If you would like someone to contact you with further information, contact us now or download our brochure.

Our range of services include:

1 Companies

From basic information to detailed reports on international companies, including shareholder and credit information.

2 Individuals

Including previous appointments, disqualifications and more.

3 Know Your Customer (KYC)

Helping you identify and verify companies and people you deal with.

4 Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Enables you to perform due diligence on all parties involved in a transaction.

5 Credit

Protect your business with instant credit checks on individuals.

REVEAL takes information to the next level

REVEAL is when the technology we provide begins to get really smart. Rather than sifting through numerous pages of information in order to work out a structure, REVEAL quickly reads the information for you and visualizes it within a workspace so you can quickly look back over the years of company structures, ownership and much more. Find out more here