InfoTrack is a technology company, focused on providing a premium service to please the customer’s using their market leading applications to improve workflow efficiencies.

Part of InfoTrack’s solution offering includes seamless integration which serves to further power the customer’s profitability, improve their productivity and stimulate their growth.

We connect people to technology and are experts at giving the gift of time through our stunningly simple and beautifully smart service.

With the doors to the InfoTrack USA office opening as recently as May, 2016 we already have over 200 clients using our service, with that number growing month by month. Our customer’s see the benefit of using InfoTrack as we attend to all their online needs using one simple, smart platform.

Our brand promise:

  • Provide a professional service that clients will find responsive, honest and timely.
  • Continuously improve our service by proactively welcoming suggestions and seeking feedback.
  • Ensure our clients have all the information they need at their fingertips to run their business efficiently.
  • Provide our customers with relevant and up to date news and publications.
  • Set clear expectations and deliver on those commitments.