At its core, InfoTrack is a legal technology company that amalgamates numerous digital searching, filing and signing features onto one platform. All of InfoTrack’s services are available subscription-free with no installation cost. InfoTrack charges all of its clients on a transactional basis, meaning our clients don’t need to worry about costly and unnecessary subscriptions that would normally be required for these types of searches. While InfoTrack’s core services are what make it unique, arguably our greatest feature is our ability to integrate with almost all CMS.  

While InfoTrack is available for use directly through our website, the platform functions at an unparalleled level when integrated with a CMS. When InfoTrack integrates with a CMS, it literally becomes a part of that system. Through a CMS you can use any of InfoTrack’s services for any matter while actively working in said matter. Confused? Don’t worry it’s a simple three step process

  • Open the matter you need to use InfoTrack’s services for
  • Click on the InfoTrack tab
  • Perform the requisite search or filing

While using InfoTrack through your CMS is fast and efficient, that isn’t even the beginning of the benefits of InfoTrack’s integration. All the benefits of our integrated services will help improve your firm’s efficiency and research capabilities. Some of the premiere benefits only available via InfoTrack integration include:

  • Prepopulated Forms. Any search or filing will automatically prepopulate the forms you need to fill out in InfoTrack directly from the matter you’re working in. This attribute means you won’t have to manually type most information and prevents any typos.
  • Document Storage. Any document ordered and downloaded via InfoTrack will be saved directly back in the matter you were working in.
  • Easy Cost Tracking. InfoTrack returns all disbursements directly to your CMS, allowing for the easy tracking and returning of costs to your clients.

These are just some of the great benefits available via InfoTrack’s CMS integrations. You can see what CMS we currently integrate with here. If your CMS is not listed, don’t worry, InfoTrack’s elite research software is still available for use on the website.