LEAP is a legal case and practice management software focused on law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. LEAP’s legal software fully integrates with InfoTrack. This integration offers practices a cutting-edge advantage.

Benefits of LEAP’s integration with Infotrack

Quick e-filing 
LEAP’s client portal eliminates the need for an attorney to set up his or her own encryption key or password in Microsoft Outlook. Our secure client portal saves you hours of wasted time and makes it unnecessary to spend additional expenses hiring an IT Person.

No subscription
When you use InfoTrack you won’t have to deal with any monthly fees. InfoTrack comes integrated with LEAP free of charge. You only pay for searches you order.

Easy searching 
All legal forms automatically use the information from your matter and your results are automatically saved back into the matter. You can then email the PDF format to your client in seconds.

Simple disbursements
All your disbursements are automatically returned to LEAP, removing any manual processes of entering cost recoveries.

Discover how Infotrack Integrates with LEAP

Searches order directly from the matter within LEAP.

Information Automatically pre-populates from LEAP into search fields.

Cost recoveries are automatically captured in Office Accounting with LEAP and in real-time.